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Everything starts with an intention.

Like from January 1st 2013 I was going to go on a diet and some weight - it started as a good intention - I even started - lost almost 10kgs - then life got in the way. When life intervene's it doesn't matter how strong the intent - it almost always all falls apart.

Ok ok so I'm weak willed. I should be stronger willed. I've had my fair share of crap in my life - and someone stronger would've made the changes that would directly impact upon there life. I've been told for more then one reason that losing weight will make my life better. Now just to be clear, my life isnt shit - it's actually kinda awesome.

I have an amazing boyfriend - who despite his fair share of hurdles - still keeps fighting and comes out smiling. I love him with my whole heart and until I met him I never realised what on Earth love was (cheesy I know). Oh and I did I mention he's smoking hot? We must look odd when we are out together - he's hot, sexy and loves to work out - and me well I have a lot of weight to lose.

My family are also awesome - and so are his. Though at times my family drive me nuts and I will do anything to avoid them - I love them a lot. His family are also awesome and like mine drive me nuts with their disorganisation but they have made me feel so welcome and I couldn't ask for better inlaws.

My job is stressful - but I couldn't imagine doing anything else and at the end of the day I go home knowing I've done something good. My pets are very cute and loveable and super naughty.

But I feel like I am once again off track.

My newest intention is to tackle my goals or dreams - one at a time. But just to be clear - some of them are going to seem stupid and seem like they shouldn't be dreams/goals. But suck it - this is my blog and I'm gonna write it.

I'm not gonna write them all now because if I did I'm sure I'd keep updating the list every 3 seconds - so I think instead I'll just start by telling you the biggest dream of all - I want the boyfriend to ask me to marry him. I want it so bad I even started to write a list of things that needed to be arranged - ok now I'm sure you're thinking I'm a crazy person - I promise I'm not.

But lets be honest - if you agree with that, are you just agreeing with a crazy person?



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