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alcohol & arrhythmia

I'm going to be clear right from the start - I'm writing this with a Raspberry UDL open (3 empties in the bin also). BTW Yum! When I first turned 18 (yep I waited until I was 18) vodka was my drink of choice. Vodka Cruisers were almost all that I drank. Then as I got older it was Bourbon - currently my favourite is Jim Beam Devils Cut - if you haven't had it - DO IT! Lately I've been re-living my youth and its been vodka all the way. There was a Tequilla stage in the middle somewhere - but I don't remember much of that (surprise surprise). Wow I just made myself out to be some kind of an alcoholic! Nope not me. When I was younger it was almost every weekend - now I'm lucky if it's once a month - more then likely every couple of months. Even then it's only 3-4 drinks if I'm lucky.

Anyways distracted already.

I'm sure its not me. Well I know its not just me following consulting Dr Google - alcohol makes my arrythmia worse. Shock horror, how the fuck did I not realise this? I think we all think we're invincible, I know I did. Sometimes I like to pretend I still am. Oh to be a kid again and not have to worry about the things I do now. All that aside, I began to wonder - am I doing myself no favours my drinking? My cardiologist told me straight up it was fine - but I wonder whether they may be wrong. Chest pain for me is not abnormal- in fact it happens sometimes more then once a week - may not hang around long - but damn its annoying. And if its really being annoying it hangs about on and off and I just want to sleep. Now don't get me wrong - from a medical point of view I'm managing the problem (medication etc) but I'm thinking maybe my lifestyle choices need to be adapted.

Once again I can hear the collective Duh! I'm doing a lot of things wrong am sure. The weight is definently a problem - it has been for as long as I can remember. But lets not get me all depressed when I'm feeling kinda awesome. Alcohol. I think maybe it needs to be gone. I was sitting playing with one of the dogs and next thing I know the pain hits to the point I felt dizzy. This in itself is not abnormal but looking back I seem to always have a few episodes whilst relaxing with a drink.

So maybe the first goal to work on is being Alcohol free. They say when you make goals to make them realistic - so how bout we aim for 6 months first. 6 months alcohol free. I'm gonna say now the biggest hurdle there will be my birthday which is within the next 6 months. But it's about time I grow some balls and stick to my goal. I can do this.

After tonight (on my 4th and last drink) I will be alcohol free for 6 months



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